About Us

Daniel Jenkins: 

Menswear… Funny word I know. Pretty sure you can’t hum any songs by aforementioned group. Apparently it also covers what we do. Not sure I agree with that. It’s just product. Apparel. Things to wear. Things to muck about in.

We don’t chin stroke. Yes we are interested in where the cloth that makes the garments we stock comes from. It doesn’t define us though. What defines us, drives us on is the belief that there is an awful lot of decent men’s clothing which people aren’t given an opportunity to try. Forget fashion – a corrupt concept. Why not give style a go?

British men’s clothing is supposed to be some of the world’s finest. Now we don’t argue that there are great items of apparel and product being designed and made across the world but we want to focus on this sceptred isle - no not Laurence Olivier in disguise.

Everything on this site is ‘limited edition’ now this isn’t the same as ‘limited edition’ mass produced ‘limited edition’ but limited in the sense that often there are only a couple of the garments. This offers you the chance to feel safe in the knowledge that Paul from HR wont be wearing same shirt as you to the pub….

If you have any comments of queries please feel free to drop me a line. My email is daniel@danieljenkins.co.uk. Without your input it’s just me and my whippet sat here reading Japanese magazines. Oh, and of course, I must not forget the rest of the Daniel Jenkins Ltd team - James, Joanna, Frances and Adele.