Lou Dalton


I don’t work with British designers out of jingoism but from a love of tradition re-worked. Sometimes the story is brought forward by shape, sometimes in the material and sometimes in the detail.

Inspired by the rugged landscape, turbulent weather and rich history of Skye, Lou's Autumn Winter 10 collection found favour with Style Salvage (click here) while she showcases her work in collaboration with film maker, Laurence Ellis (click here).

Lou is the mistress of the silhouette. Cut from cloth in the same weave it enjoyed half a millennium ago, her clothes come to life in 21st century Britain. The Huguenots developed the jacquard loom to weave silk, but they did so in the East End of London. Silk and wool – the sheep and the silkworm. Wool as good broadcloth, and wool as – well, wool. The detail is there too: in the brass of the zips and the leather of those palpable buttons. In the 14th century we supplied wool to Europe and financed wars and churches out of the proceeds.

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