Mors Footwear


Favoured by Esquire and Selectism, mors footwear is crafted in Portugal from the highest quality materials in a traditional, family owned, union factory.  A British footwear designer, Jonathan Morss, graduated from Coventry University with an MA in Automative Design !

Label Watch - Mors: Esquire - 10th August 2011 - "so when we found out about Mors, a high-end line, we had to discover more" - 

"I’ve played around with some impressive leathers so far including Arctic elk leather (much softer and stronger than bovine leather), and fish leather which has amazingly rich textures. This season I’ve created a more vintage feel with an Italian washed vintage leather and a reverse leather (underside of the hide). Butter soft Italian leathers make up a big part of my range with Italian canvas & suede as well."

Project 10 | Mors Footwear: Selectism.com - 23rd August 2011  Selectism chose mors footwear as one of its ten selected Project 10 brands - a group of brands that the emerging tailored performance trend.

"The shoes are handmade in Europe. I use really small factories. You can see the hand of the maker, where the patterns have been cut. All the personal details are there. . . "